Suede Coat

Know what to wear this winter: the trends tips by experts

Winter came and brought us so many questions. The most important one: What to wear? And possibly our heads can go round because of big choice and large amount of trends and information about new comings. Very important to understand what direction of outerwear you need or what style is closer to you.

At first let’s find out what can women wear this winter. On the arena of outerwear as usual we see jackets and coats of different length and absolutely different materials: fur, leather, suede and sheepskin. Leather jackets are good for those women who like being stylish and spent much of time in a move. It’s always good and fashionable, and gamma of colors is absolutely extensive, beginning from white, light blue and pink, finishing black. Leather jackets in biker style will create you fashionable look and you can wear it with most of your clothes and patterns. Printed or perforated leather for jackets is also welcome. Pockets, spikes and rivets are perfect decoration of such leather jackets.

Suede jackets this winter have mostly similar designs to leather jackets. But the colors that are better to chose this winter: beige, brown, red and black. Of course if you’re looking for something brighter you’ll find it in the markets or online stores. But if you prefer to look fashionable and a little bit restraint then better pay your attention on beige or brown one. Underneath your suede jacket we propose you to wear warm knitted sweater and leather pants, find suede hessian boots on high heels of the same color with your jacket. Just try it and we’re sure that you’ll have very tasty look. If jacket is too short wear for you, we can advice to buy suede coat. The variety of styles among these coats really can daze. Deep blue, tan, brown and red will be popular colors this winter. Suede is very soft and nice material. So the coat of knee-length can be very comfortable in use and also such length will warm you in cold days. Favorite suede coat of this season is model with double breasted button closure, waist belt and two pockets. This model can underline your feminine silhouette and have a good combination with short or long skirt, boots and beautiful scarf. For fur lovers sued coats with fur on collar will be perfect variant to wear. Suede and fur- can something be better in windy cold day?

We didn’t forget about men and prepared useful information about this winter outerwear for them. You also can feel yourself stylish and make a choice between jackets and coats. Bombers jackets open their zippers this winter for you. Some of them are made of leather and others are from suede. What material you prefer? Suede bombers jackets for men are mostly made with fur or wool inside; they’re as usually comfortable in use, fastening with zipper or buttons, that doesn’t play such a big role, only your preferences. You can wear it with favorite jeans and shoes. If you often wear suits, then it’s better buy a good suede coat with few pockets and waist belt. Look for beige, light or dark brown colors this winter. You can wear it anywhere- work, trip or meeting. Such coat can show your courage and status. Suede coat with fur also keep your warm and create fashionable style. Leather jackets and coats don’t have big differences with suede. Some leather coats have four pockets and fur on collar.

We guided you between two directions of best materials for this winter and show you most popular styles, so we hope you understand what is better for you. Chose the best and keep yourself in warm with the help of fashionable outerwear.