Leather Outerwear-The Leading Trend Of The Season

Fall is right around the corner and you must be wondering what leather trends are coming up this season. It seems that this year, the use of leather is back on the streets. You can already see A-list celebrities sporting leather skinnies or biker jackets in magazines and tabloids. It seems as though every person up to date with the fashion scene owns leather this season.

Leather pants are perfect for almost any occasion. They are back again from the 60’s, except not in the boot-cut form as you might remember being worn by Jim Morrison or Elvis Presley. It seems as though black leather skinnies are in this year. They are perfect for being worn casually, if worn with a lace sweater, and leather ankle boots. However, they can also be worn for a formal evening out, with an elegant top and high heels. This season, Hollywood celebrities like Charlize Theron, Jessica Hart and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted looking classy in a pair of leather trousers.

Another leather outerwear that has hit the runways this season, are black leather knee-high long boots. The Fall/Winter runways of 2014 have seen major fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Valentino, showcasing these beautiful long leather boots. They can be paired with short dresses, mini-skirts, leggings or a pair of skinny pants. You can find leather boots in shades of black, brown and white and they look great with almost anything. Even small ankle-length boots are back this year.Just as long as you choose the perfect pair of boots for yourself, you’re good to go! And choosing the perfect wear or boots is not a very difficult task like we all know.

Last of all, leather jackets are the perfect outerwear to complete your look this season! They have never really left the fashion trends, and will always remain a cool classic, but they have entered the markets with a new force. You can find them, not just in the classic black or brown, but in a variety of extravagant colors this season. Leather jackets can be found in pink, red, green, white and blue in the boutiques this season. This gives all the fashion lovers a chance to put their own stamp on the leather trend. It is not only a trend for women, but everyone loves a man sporting a classy leather jacket. However, the men should stick to the classic black and brown, instead of going for the new colors that have hit the market. This season, men can melt hearts if they wear a classic leather jacket with a pair of leather boots and a good pair of jeans. If that look works for celebrities like Ian Somerhalder, Taylor Lautner and Gerard Butler, it can work for any man.

The use of leather has increased by a surprising amount this year. Leather has been flowing into the fashion industry with a craze, especially in Europe. It’s no wonder considering the vast amount of products that can be made with this material – ranging from shoes to handbags. If you haven’t already stocked up on your leather accessories this season, it’s about time you hit the markets. Everyone will be going leather this winter, and you really do not want to miss out!