Blue Bomber Jacket

New colors and designs of bomber jackets for this winter

With the deep history with its evolution, the unique designs of the bomber jackets are still admired by every person. The bomber jackets have been in the fashion trend since a very long time. Since these bomber jackets were originally manufactured during the World War for the pilots and the flight crews, it is also known as flight jackets or bombardier jackets. Those jackets protected the flight crews and pilots from the harsh weather at such height. For this tough protection, the fabrics used to make the bomber jackets were very fine quality and rough and tough. Seal skin, horsehide and wool and fur were generally used to make the bomber jackets.

The original colors of the bomber jackets were navy that symbolized the air force. The navy blue bomber jacket was brought into fame by the flight crews during the World War I and World War II. As the wars were over, these jackets were made available to the common people as well. Everybody loved the heroic look that these bomber jackets provided the wearer. These jackets provided the ease, comfort and warmth that the pilots needed while flying the aero plane. So, as soon as these jackets were introduced, it was a huge revolution towards the safety for the pilots.

But, bomber jackets are used as a casual wear these days. Every other person wears these bomber jackets for casual hangouts with friends or parties. These casual bomber jackets vary in some way than the original bomber jackets. After all these years, a little variation in the designs is obvious. The new designs of the bomber jackets lack the logos of the air force as the logo was for official purpose only. Also, now you can easily get the bomber jackets or many colors and designs.

Black, grey, white, brown and blue bomber jacket are the prominent colors found in the stores. The bomber jackets are designed in such a way that they provide great warmth. They have ribbed wrist cuffs and elastic waist and also have fur lining and/or fur collar. The original bomber jackets were manufactures with animal skins and furs. But now, thick fabrics except leather are also used to make these jackets and synthetic leather or faux leathers are also used. But no matter what materials are used, the charm of the bomber jackets is still the same.

This season, you can get many new designs of the bomber jackets that are totally different than the original one. One of the newest designs is the printed bomber jackets. These jackets consist of various prints such as floral prints, tribal prints and jungle prints for men and women. These printed jackets suit almost every one. Except these printed bomber jackets, you can also get these jackets in many textures and designs. The dark shades of the bomber jackets were mostly loved by people last season. So, this season, it is time to try something new and different.

Bomber jackets are a staple garment for your winter as these jackets provide you with warmth and style. Another plus factor of these jackets is that they are very durable as well. So, you can wear these jackets as much as you want and when you are over these jackets you can donate them to some charity as well. This season, you must try the new designs and colors of bomber jackets available.