Howard Hughes jacket

Changing with time: The new celebrity trends - what’s hot this season

Everybody is aware of the term the star power. These big and great celebrities are even endorsed every year for the different items such as clothing, jewelry, etc. Those items which are given the brand name of the celebrities are just high in demand in the market. This is the reason why these people are chosen as the brand ambassador of the product. Even the sport celebrities are not kept ignored about these statements. The sport celebrities are even made the brand ambassador of the sport related clothing. This all trend has derived when these business people generalized the fact that, the customer is highly influenced by the celebrities. The customer from all over the world follows the clothing trend of their popular celebrities. And this is natural in human behavior too.

Discussing about the term of Jacket trends in the market. Believe me people do follow their popular celebrity while getting the new jacket for the winter. And the same rule applied in the several clothing items. Generalizing about the trend the first one comes about the Howard Hughes Jacket. The Howard Hughes Jacket is the jacket worn by the actor Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie “The Aviator”. People became the great fan of the actor Leonardo Dicaprio as well as his leather aviator jacket Howard Hughes Jacket. Even today people are following the same trend as well. The jacket was in aviator design and made up of the dark brown leather.

Apart from the Howard Hughes Jacket in the fashion trend there are lot more left to discuss. The King of Pop Michael Jackson and his fashion themes cannot remain silent on this topic. I even believe he was the one who introduced the red leather jacket in the fashion world. This red leather jacket was the awkward term in the fashion. But when he introduced himself in the show with his red short leather jacket, then it became the trend. And many guys followed the same trend as well. Even the rock star Michael Jackson gave the black leather short jacket with padded in the sleeves a new introduction in the fashion trend. The die heart fan of Jackson followed it with great respect towards his fashion sense.

Talking about the most iconic cinematic leather jacket Angelina Jolie leather jacket cannot be forgotten. The black short leather jacket was the idle for many women as well. The same jacket was popular among the teen ager college girls during winter as well. Discussing about the Angelina Jolie dressing sense, the way she carry her long coats are really admirable. Whether it is a long black leather coat or the blazer red long coat, everything looks very dashing with her. Even many Asian female group follows her trend of carrying of leather jackets, long coats etc. She just makes everything so perfect on her. She looks completely dashing in the winter wear and many ladies are following same trend for this season as well.

The lady who can perfectly carry the winter wear is Olivia Wilde. The way she handled the short leather jacket over her embroidered dress is quite remarkable. She completely initiated the new trend by the perfect match of the embroidered dress with the short leather jacket.

The above mentions are the celebrities who make the winter dress such as leather wear completely dashing and remarkable for this season.