Bane Coats

Stylish and practical: Celebrity jackets for everyday use this winter- The top trends

Movies and celebrities have always inspired and influenced the fashion in any given era. Movie business is a glamorous industry and so the style used by the celebrities is popular among the people too. People want to dress up and look like their favorite character in the movies. So, the dress and outfits used by the movie stars in the movies are replicated and sold in the market. If the characters and the movies are hits and iconic, the style can remain for years and years which has been seen even before.

The top trends of this season inspired by the movies and celebrities are as follows:

Star Lord Jacket: One of the highest grossing movies of the year 2014 is the Guardians of the Galaxy. It is the most successful movie of the year and the characters have also become popular with the people. One of the main characters Peter Quill also known as Star Lord sports a brown leather jacket in the movies. He is seen wearing a longer trench coat style jacket in the beginning and then a shorter version of the leather jacket in the later part of the movie. The jacket has since become very popular among the fans of the character and the movies. It is a sexy outfit and other people who have not seen the movie are also attracted by the jacket.

Bane Jacket: In 2012, the epic Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan concluded with The Dark Knight Rises. The final movie in the series featured Bane as the main antagonist. Though the mighty villain was defeated in the end, the jacket worn by him won the fashion world. Bane coats were basically a large trench coat. The massive villain looked very terrifying in the coat which was popular among the people. Following the release of the movie, people could be seen in the streets wearing the Bane coats as part of their day to day outfit. The fashion has since picked up and still trending.

Sherlock Jacket: The character of Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in the silver screen for a number of times. The recent portrayal of the iconic detective is done in the BBC’s Sherlock by the charismatic Benedict Cumber batch. As part of his character, he puts on a black overcoat. This style has been very famous worldwide. The overcoat looks very stylish and comfortable. It is more suitable in the colder climate which acts an additional layer on top of the regular clothes. Due to its utility and style, it is very popular with the people.

The Matrix Jacket: The Matrix is one of the most successful movie series in the history of cinema. Its use of technology and style to display a complex movie plot is quite unique indeed. The main character of the movie Neo played by the dashing Keanu Reeves dons a long black overcoat which is very stylish. It complements the tall height of the character perfectly. This overcoat is also very popular in the winter as it can be worn above other regular clothes and can provide insulation against the cold.

These are few of the most popular celebrity inspired coats that can be your day to day outfit for the winter. They can be very comfortable and stylish at the same time. They are definitely worth spending your money for.