Leather Cap

The Fall leather cap trends- the top 5

Leather is almost in everyone’s wardrobe this fall season. Though people are always running after leather jackets, the demand of leather cap cannot be underestimated. High quality leather is used to manufacture these caps. Different types of leather like pigskin, goat skin, cowhide, etc. are used to manufacture these hats. These high quality leathers make the cap very soft.

People wearing leather cap has created an entirely unique culture that is different from the mainstream. The Leather cap is found in various designs, different color tones, and various kinds of leather to suit taste of a wide range of customers. Apart from the neutral colors, leather caps can be found in bright colors like yellow, green and red. These brightly colored caps will look good when worn with plain outfits. If you are looking for a less flashy look, you can try the subtle colors like black, brown, or grey. If you like riding a motorcycle, you can choose leather caps in darker tones. A black leather jacket can be worn to complement the look and highlight your adventure look. Fashion designers have come up with various designs of leather caps this season. The top 5 fall leather cap trends are discussed below.

 • Leather skull cap: This cap is ideal for the bikers. These are often found with chrome studs on them. Vented leather skull caps are available. These vented caps allow your head to breathe and not to get overheated when the weather is warm. These caps are made of cowhide leather of the highest quality. They have a signature tie at the back.

 • Leather camp cap: This cap is flat at the top and has a buckle at the back for adjustment. This cap is also made of cowhide leather. The crown of the cap is of leather and the brim is of suede material. This cap is found in many colors this season.

 • Leather baseball cap: Baseball caps are very popular in almost every season. The street style look is very trendy nowadays. Pop star Rihanna has been seen wearing this style of cap many times. This cap gives you a sporty look which is very fashionable. It is a blend of masculinity on a feminine outfit. This cap acts as a sun protector and hair tamer. It can be found in natural neutrals or bright colors.

 • Flat cap: This cap is also known as scally cap, paddy cap, golf cap or bonnet. It is a rounded cap with the front having a small stiff brim. It can be worn by both men and women. The inside of the cap has lining in order to give warmth and comfort. The style can be dated back to the 14th century; however, the popularity of this cap is still evident.

 • Newsboy cap: This cap is named after the 19th century news boys who went hawking papers around in street corners. It is also known as baker boy caps or Gatsby caps. Rich fashionable women of trend has taken this ordinary men’s cap to a new level and made it popular to women throughout the world. This cap looks great in all seasons. Pop stars Christina Aguilera and Rihanna were spotted on a leather newsboy cap recently with leather jacket and jeans.

Leather caps protect you from cold and support your head. The thick material makes leather caps perfect for frosty and windy weather as it doesn’t let cold breeze get inside. Leather caps look extremely fashionable when worn with wool coat and black leather boots.