Motorcycle Chaps

New styles and patterns of biker chaps this season: the top trends

Biker chaps are widely popular among the men and women who love to ride bikes. This is a safety wear for the bikers. This type garments are worn for protecting the legs while riding motorbikes. The style and functions of chaps vary on the basis of the design, cut and materials. Few biker chaps of the latest trend of this season, including styles and patterns are stated below:

 • Men's Premium Biker Chaps with Zipper System On Thigh

This type motorcycle chaps have been prepared from top grade mid-weight premium cowhide leather. It offers great comfort, safety and flexibility through its material and quality workmanship. It includes fully lined design extended up to the knee area. The side-area covering zipper system and snap style closure system helps the easy in-out tasks. The most amazing feature of this biker chap is the zipper system attached to the thigh area along with webbing that offers extra thigh room. This ensures fit wearing of this chap. The strong hardware helps the rider to travel extra miles on the bike. The Inseam ranges from 33 to 36 inches on the basis of size. This biker chap also provides an easily adjustable lace on the back side for extra comfort and adjustment. Moreover, the Left side pocket also makes this chap more useful to the wearer. In this biker chap, the Silver Hardware design is really gorgeous.

 • Biker Chaps with Braiding Details

This biker chap has been made out of top grade cowhide leather. It appears with classic style with amazing aspects. The most amazing aspect of this leather chap is the braiding design details. Furthermore, this biker chap offers elastic that assures safe biking. The lacing system for backside adjustment has been fully lined up to the knees. The full system at the side area makes the wearer look stylish and smart. This mens leather chap assures the safety of the bikers, as it provides more thigh room by the zipper system that ensures along with elastic made thigh panels. The hem length fulfills the need of scissors, knife, etc. The small side pocket attached to the front-left portion offering four numbers of snap button closure in the chap-bottom increases its practical use to the bikers.

 • Classic Biker Leather Chaps offering Scruff Resistance Features

This biker chap offers high quality textured feature. It has been produced from the mid-weight cowhide leather. This motorcycle chaps not only offers comfort and elasticity to the riders; but also offers a textured finish that can efficiently resist the abrasions on the road. Fully lined design till snaps eases in & out of the chaps. Moreover, the zip system and snap style leg closures have made this biker chaps more user friendly. Additionally, the extra-strong high quality hardware assist the rider in riding great distances. Inseam varies about 33 to 36 inches length, depending on chap-size. The adjustable system of backside lace ensures the rider comfort adjustment.

 • Women's Chaps in Premium Leather with Low Cut Design

This leather product has been especially made for the women bikers. It has been made out of buffalo leather. This biker chap contains plain Low Cut design. The inclusions of silver hardware has made this womens biker chap very gorgeous. This chap also offers comfort liner that protects the wearers pants underneath. Moreover, this biker chap includes a classic front side pocket.