Mens Chaps

Types of leather chaps and the new trends for this season

Chaps are special type garments that are worn in order to protect the legs while riding horseback or working with gears like, cactis, brushes or chapparels. The style and functions of chaps vary on the basis of the design-cut and materials. However, the chaps are widely popular among mens who wish to keep their legs warm, unhurt and dry while riding or working during the bad weather. In the current season chaps are available in diverse materials, such as, cowhide, cattledhide, kangaroo-hide, herman oak leather, elk, etc. Some designs contain hairs and some are bare. They are also offered in a variety of colors. Some popular chap styles of this season have been stated below:

 • The Batwing leather Chap

The Batwing leather chaps present the western style design. The most amazing feature of these chaps is the five square style conchos along with with bleed knots. Spots outline the bottom section of the chaps with a large concho and spots in one corner. Pocket has a snap flap closure. The wearers can get their custom-designed chap, which will not only make them look smarter; but also offer them a feeling of safety to their feet. These chaps work excellent while riding on the horse backs, chaparrals or dressed up for attaining the rodeo events. In the cooler regions, these mens chaps provide great assistance to the wearers to carry on their regular duties.

 • Cowboy Chaps with Circle Shape Design Style

If you prefer a night rider style cowboy chap, than this category chap will be ideal for you. These chaps contain design details with spots that are placed in double alternated rows placed on the external edges of each chap. The chap-design also includes circle shape designs around the conchos and the bloodknots are placed in the middle portions of the chaps. The design also offers an amazing combination of large circles along with stars in spots beneath the rows of the decorative conchos and blood knots. These chaps are good for daily use as well as competition riding and attaining rodeos.

 • Chaps with Stiched Pocket Design

These category mens chaps are most popular in several states of USA, like, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. These type chaps are usually made up of leather and bears the shotgun-chap style. The most distinctive feature of these chaps is stitched pocket along with flap closures in the upper portion of the chaps. The wearer can get custom made chaps.

 • Shotgun Chaps with Leather Lacing Design

These chaps represent the classic style of shotgun chaps. The simple design cut includes cleanlines. These chaps also include decorative accents which include fringe additions. The leather lacing designs are the most amazing feature of these chaps. These garments also include spot style designs. The pockets offer flap closure system. Moreover, the custom made desiner buttons add extra style to these chaps.These chaps provide warmth and safety to legs while riding the chaparral, hitting the wood trails or getting dressed at rodeo events.

 • Two-toned Leather Chap

In the latest season two-toned leather chaps are available with amazing designs. Most of these chaps include long fringe along with leather lacing design. These chaps also offer easy and comfortable zipper closure system. The design gives a vintage flavor in simple style designs having no fuss. The two-tone appearance of these chaps matches well with other garments of the wearer.