White Leather Belt

Look different, look stylish: What to buy in leather apparels this season

As we reach the height of the new season, there are interesting leather apparels to make you look stylish and different. You can either have it in a white leather belt, a pair of snakeskin boots or a studded leather jacket. What ever you choose, the leather apparels are simply hard to miss this winter. Here’s what to buy for the holidays.


The street-style is known for its clever layers and crisp outlines. You can wear black leather Wiccan hat with your cape-like navy blue coat, charcoal gray wool joggers and red ankle boots in snakeskin. Your love for fashion is the surest way to get on with it. A short boxy-shaped leather jacket can look sophisticated if worn with slightly loose pleated skirt.

Take inspirations from anything and infuse it with the classic designs. Make sure that everything falls in the right proportions when it comes to layering and details. Men can wear it with an oversized leather biker jacket, wool trousers and a printed gray scarf. To look different, sport a square framed sunglasses in moss green.

Wild fever

Weaved leather accessories like belts, shoes and bags look stunning with leopard and zebra print tops or pants. If you want to give your style a strong statement, wear something dark with it like the shade of electric blue. To look feminine, a black leather sweater goes well with animal or tropical printed full skirt.

Jungle inspired dressing isn’t just for the ladies. After all, men like all sorts of adventure even when it comes to fashion. They can wear brightly coloured sports polo shirt with white khaki pants and a zebra printed belt. Complete the look with a tan coloured weaved leather shoes.


Shift dresses in pastel shades goes perfectly with wide leather belts in earthy tones like brown and ivory. Match it with thigh high boots and patent leather for a chic finish. To capture the mod of the ‘60s, wear a leather pillbox hat with your short dainty dress.

And since real guys wear pink these days, they can also get on with the trend to look different. Perhaps a pink pullover shirt goes well with a grey trouser with black patent belt.


The two-tone speaks of a high utilitarian fashion where monochromatic colours are a classic winter staple for men and women. Diamond shapes, cubes and dogstooth pattern are stylish this season mostly in black-and-white combos. Printed belts with these designs are a best pairing for the solid black jumpsuits, A-line skirts and mini-dress.


The fringed vests and jackets are adapted from the West, which goes well with checkered tops and denim jeans. Leather cowboy boots and fedora in camel shade are the perfect pieces to put on with it.

Ladies can wear off-shoulder pieces with fringed belts for that down-home look. This style can be great for daytime and evenings. Showing off your shoulders brings out a sensual air without overbearing.


It isn’t quite as easy to handpick which ones the best from all of these. When you’re all dazed and confused while shopping for the holidays, it all goes down to your own taste. If you’d dare to be different, get the opposite. Whether it’s a white leather belt or a bright orange jacket, don’t be afraid to try on new things. Above all, be different.