Leather Belts

Customized style for coming winter - The choices you have for leather belts

Customized style is everything you want it to be whether for jackets, chaps or leather belts. This winter, we bring you a mix and match of choices that suit your taste for bizarre adventures and fashion cultures from different parts of the world. As the daytime seem to get much shorter with the holidays just a few weeks ahead, let’s make things happen with the look that blends well with your mood, passion and personality.Follow us as we help you find the style to fit your life for that reasonable self-indulgence.


From the myriad of designs on the runways, the main attraction goes to the red belts with embossed patterns of mythical creatures, blooms or paisleys. Undeniably, men and women have a timeless fascination with the orient objects. These are finely crafted leather monograms of intricate illustrations and patterns that are utilized with the finest cowhide leather.

If you were on the lookout for trendiest styles, we would guess what hit you first are the stylish robes and caftan tops in silk and cotton twill fabrics that hit the runways. From there, you’ll find various kinds of belts and belt wraps that cinch the clothes with. Patent leather accessories make up the winters wardrobe this year. From shades of eggplants, fuchsias and reds, the disarmingly bold shadowsrendered in wide shapes hugs to the curves of the ladies for a stunning statement piece.

Flattened leather waist accents in obi designs are fashioned in unconventional length for that modern knot that resemblesa martial arts costume from Okinawa. Aren’t you afraid to make a statement in fashion? Hit them with your best shot for this season.

Real world

A little bit puzzling from the distance, weaved basket patterns and criss crosses on leather belts complements this winter collection of plaid blanket wraps and checkered designs that conveys Western and European origins. There is a lot to like about the breezy and easy look of woven leathers. You’lllove the style of the special weavings and fringes that is deeply rooted from the cowboy philosophy and mixing it with the plaid overcoats, dress shirts and trousers that resembles the pattern on Scottish costume heritage.

The buckles with ethnic imprints adorned on engraved leather belts with your name on it are created with eye-catching details. It can be customized with your favourite logo or sports hobby that exceed the function and form of a leather belt. Interchangeable buckles on custom-made pieces make these an economical advantage.

No borderline in fashion

The cutting edge design of stud metals in brass, silver and gold hardware on leather accessories are one of the fashion highlights this season. To make a unique piece, a wide array of choices from diamond, hexagon and cone shapes embodies your passion and strength. This style is inspired by the rock culture and seasoned bikers love for edgy designs.

Gemmed and beaded belts make for the eccentric side of both Victorian inspired and ethnic orient expression. The modern-day comeback of the vintage treasures becomes the new trend. The art deco patterns of onyx gems simply stand out in tanned leather. Ethnic colourful beads show off the rich culture of East Asia in black leather belts.These choices we’ve handpicked are just half ofthe many new designs that make up today’s customized leather accessories, the other half depends on your border limits.