Shearling Jacket

What kind of jacket the most preferable this winter and how to make best option

When looking for the best leather jacket for this winter season, you need to be aware of how to make a good choice. Pay attention to trendy styles and leather types, as this is how you will understand of what to expect when wearing such clothes as an updated shearling jacket.

Take time to learn more about different types of leather because they all have their pros and cons. This is what determines the quality and durability of any leather clothing. Basically, it is all about the methods used to process this material.

Top, full grain or finished leather jackets. You should be able to see the epidermis of their hide, and they come with a topical coating applied on their surface. This process determines the color of such garments. This material is the most durable one and it offers additional protection and resistance to potential damages. Do not forget that the epidermis determines the strength and durability of leather. Full grain leather jackets won’t fade and they come stain resistant, and this means that they will serve you for long years.

Corrected top grain leather jackets. This is when the epidermis of leather is either corrected or sanded. This procedure reduces all unsightly characteristics. Such garments also come in a variety of colors, but you should not expect them to have the same durability as the first type. The main reason is that sanding is responsible for eroding the outer layer of leather. These clothes won’t get stained or damaged and they are perfect for regular wear and tear. It is very easy to maintain them, so that they will keep their original condition for a long time.

Split hide jackets. They represent the flesh side of leather that splits aware from top grains. This material can be dyed, so that you can choose from different colors, including both classic and original ones. The main drawback is that it lacks durability, but such jackets are offered at quite competitive rates, and that’s why many consumers decide on them. They are easy to clean and won’t get stained and damages fast.

Unfinished leather jackets. Top grain leather is used to produce them, and there is a special aniline dye infused within it during manufacturing processes. This option is the most expensive one. When looking for a more affordable variation, pay attention to a semi-aniline leather jacket. It offers a supple and soft feel and look. This style accentuates the natural beauty of this durable material. It is clear that such jackets are available only in natural schedules.

Oil tanned leather jacket styles. They are not colored at all, and this material is often used to design a bomber or shearling jacket look. If you are fond of a vintage and aged design, you won’t be able to find a better choice. It is not a secret that this kind of rustic and well-worn look is the hottest trend nowadays.

Bi-cast leather jackets. They often come in shiny and dark brown colors and remember that a heavy urethane is injected in this leather. You can choose this style if you are concerned only with modern designs and you are ready to compromise on its quality and longevity.

Suede jackets. It is all about using the flesh side of leather. For example, high quality cow hide is split laterally. Suede is the other side of cowhide and other leather types that should be protected from raining.