Shearling Jacket Women

How shearling jackets have changed this season- the new jacket collection

If you still don’t know what shearling is all about, it is the fur pelt of sheep that should be shorn only once. This kind of skin is quite supple and the fur has an even length, and it stays inside leather clothes, such as a shearling jacket women. Besides, this material may have either a smooth or suede finish. Many manufacturers leave its colors natural, but different models and styles come dyed.

When thinking about the quality of sheepskin and shearling, the right climate and diet play an important role. Do not forget about excellent craftsmanship because it also determines the quality and durability of future leather garments. That’s why the shearling that comes from Spain is the most valuable these days.

Both men and women like wearing shearling coats for different reasons. The main one is that this clothing provides enough warm while being soft and breathable. Look for the latest trends when it comes to a perfect shearling jacket women. It is possible to wear it in both temperate and cold climates. You will enjoy its style, light weight, supple appearance, great insulation and other benefits. There are different consumer groups who stay updated with the latest trends and changes. You should do the same thing to look trendy and make a good choice. Focus on the following shearling jacket styles.

Bomber jackets. Some people call them flight jackets and they were originated during the World War II. That’s because pilots requires the clothing that provided extra warmth for their flying sessions. Keep in mind the fact that such garments are produced from durable and supple shearling, so that you can be sure to enjoy their highest quality. There are many additional features that won’t leave you indifferent. The most outstanding ones include zippered closures, wraparound collars, snug cuffs and wind flaps. This outfit will never go out of fashion because it is a real style statement.

Car jackets. Such shearling coats were designed in the 60s for convenient driving. Remember that they fall below hips, and this is what makes them perfect for getting in and out of your car. The best jacket of this type should not bunch up when you sit inside. This clothing is easy to wear and it is quite functional, so that it is chosen by many men and women.

Duffel jackets. Duffel is a small town in Belgium and it is famous for manufacturing thick woolen materials. This place is associated with the origination of this popular design. Such leather clothes have toggle buttons and hoods, and their shearling is more luxurious and comfortable, so that you can benefit from wearing the best class duffel jackets.

Leather blazers. You can wear them over a matching suit or any other clothing. It is a perfect fit any winter wardrobe because of great warmth and elegance. When trying to get a refined look, do not overlook such blazers.

Full length shearling coats. People who live in such famous places as the Swiss Alps tend to spend a lot of time outdoors because they like to enjoy beautiful surroundings. The main problem is that common temperature levels are quite low, so that they need to dress accordingly. This is when full length shearling coats will come in handy. You can have added inches of protection and warmth below your waist line, and this feature makes a huge difference when it comes to cold climates.