Mens Suede Jacket

The elegant look with leather jackets: The top trends of this season

Natural leather is a very light-weighing, breathing and stretching natural material with perfect protective qualities. That is why it is so much beloved by designers and fashionists. Things made of leather have beautiful shape, they are expensive looking and stylish. Besides, this season natural leather is on top of popular materials’ ratings. Speaking about men’s fashion, we couldn’t but mention that suede leather pieces of men’s outerwear have always been symbols of luxury, confidence and good taste so they are all the range this autumn and winter.

This season designers came back to classic models but made them more sexual, fitting and comfortable. Classic hip length mens suede jacket with notch collar and two side pockets has definitely become a must have. Belonging to classic-come-modern clothes, contemporary leather jacket can be used as a basic element of numerous autumn/spring and winter looks.

Besides, creators of modern men’s outerwear surprised their fans with some new decisions such as leather baseball jackets or sport jackets made of smooth leather or suede combined with textile.

Most popular autumn-winter trends

Classic style leather coat

As we have already mentioned, classic style hip length mens suede jacket rules this season. Traditional hip length models with button or zip closure may feature notch, stand or Toscana collars, inside or flap chest pockets, banded cuffs, contrast stitching. They can be made in black, grey, tan, chocolate and other natural tints. Most of these universal models are equipped with detached insulation so they become all-season things. Having such a jacket in your wardrobe you can create a classic look having combined it with classic black trousers and a turtleneck sweater or use it as a part of a casual look having combined it with jeans and some designer’s sweatshirt.

Vintage style jacket

New fashion season boast an entire line of stylish vintage models. Distressed leather coats, asymmetric short jackets and biker friendly jackets are greatly demanded for thousands of style conscious men again. These expressive leather garments need appropriate companions – designers’ vintage style jeans or casual trousers, original knitted sweaters or printed sweatshirts, distressed leather casual shoes or biker boots. They may be successfully used for everyday wear, parties and get-togethers. They are created for confident persons who are not afraid of attracting looks.

Cowboy suede jacket

This spirited mens suede jacket is so expressive that it can be distinguished as a separate kind of vintage jacket and suede is the best and most authentic material for manufacturing this piece of outerwear with distinctive fringy detail. This year a cowboy jacket is experiencing a new wave of popularity. Brutal, sexy and mannish image of a cowboy can be used by public people, representatives of different subcultures, ethnic style lovers and men who love to stand out from the crowd. If you are brave enough to allow such an eloquent piece of outerwear don’t forget to complete the look with stylish cowboy bots, a cowboy hat and vintage indigo jeans.

Short leather jackets

Most popular short leather jackets of this cool period are bombers and baseball jackets. Looking sporty and providing an extreme comfort of movements, they are usually chosen by active people who don’t need to think of any dress code. This season short jackets are perfect examples to demonstrate mix of styles: bomber jackets with ethnic motives, hooded bomber jackets and baseball jackets made of different leather textures, biker jackets of unusually bright colors provide a wide choice and give a nice opportunity of making cold season brighter. Their smart cut guarantees easy match on and elegant look of the owner even if they are combined with sport style trousers and shoes.