Motorcycle Jackets

How to choose practical motorcycle jackets: the tips

In the current fashion trends, we see that different fields have been incorporated in order to come up with innovative collections which are themed according to these fields. Every year, a whole new collection for various themes and festivals is launched. In the recent years, we have seen that on screen media and cinema has been a new source of fashion. The fans and followers throughout the world are thrilled to see their favorite superstars wearing any particular leather biker or motorcycle jacket. Within time, these jackets become associated with those stars who worn it and that is how the demand of these jackets go high with the speed of fire.

In the mid 70s, a whole new fashionable chain of biker clothing was launched in the market. These clothing readily became famous among bikers. Leather was the basic material that was used in the crafting of motorcycle jackets. The leather used in the making was unusually thick and heavy in weight. The source of leather was commonly organic, like sheepskin andcow skin. The lining was usually of thick and windproof material in order to achieve protection against wind and sharp weather conditions.

The latest motorcycle collection is of wide range. The colors are particularly famous, are either dark or earthly colors like black, olive, beige, or are either bright neon like red, orange, shocking pink etc. The use of zips and buttons is in access in order to give an overall sharp and sporty look.

Buying a perfect motorcycle jacket is itself an art. There are various tips that should be kept in mind while buying motorcycle jackets which can be practically used. Following are some tips for bike riders:

Weather condition should be kept in mind while buying motorcycle jackets. If you are not an expert in riding motorbike, you won’t realize how hot or cold it can get while riding. If you are buying for summers, go for a light weight and synthetic leather motorcycle jacket. Winter motorcycle jackets are particularly heavy in weight and have thick furry lining. However, if made of shearling or sheepskin, the weight won’t be a problem at all.

Safety is all that matters while buying a leather jacket. It is reasonable to go for leather material which is accompanied with padding. Padding at elbow, cuffs, collar and shoulder provide extra safety and stiffness to your body which is important while riding a motorbike.

There are different materials available for motorbike jackets. Like synthetic leather, organic leather, polyester and other wind proof materials. It usually depends upon your own personal choice. But it is important that your suit is not only wind proof but also rain proof. A usual complains is that rain may increase the weight of the jacket. For this, you must properly check the material you are buying. Plus armor at shoulder and padding should be impact-absorbent.

It is advisable to go for light weight and internally soft leather jackets. Those jackets which have a soft internal lining are readily famous as well because they let your body to relax even though you are at a stiff position. Your lining should be flexible as well. The collar should be zipper up and higher than normal size for protection of neck against wind.