Leather Biker Jacket

New leather biker jacket trends of this season- What's the latest

There are three trends in leather biker jackets this year that make these jackets the very best of the best. The first trend is the hooded trend. The urban spike is bigger than ever and how you can be a part of it to with a hooded leather jacket. This look is big on all leather jackets of the season, motorcycle jackets included. The next biggest trend of the year is the fitted look. This trend means that the jackets fit your body perfectly and comfortably for both a look and feel that’s overall superior then past years of biker jackets. The final trend to be on the lookout for is the conservative trend the conservative look is back with a vengeance this season, with the best of the beat looking jackets getting back to basics for designs and styles that will be popular for years to come. Simplicity at its finest, this year’s leather jackets are by far some of the most basic and best looking leather biker jackets of any season.

The first trend to talk about is the hooded trend. All jackets of the season look better with a hood, plain and simple. This trend was first started in the fashion world in an attempt to modernize fashion and make the hip both in style and functional. hoods are one of the biggest things of the urban trend period jackets are designed for cities and other such environments, and as such a hood is always the best way to let people know that the jacket is going for that urban feeling above all else. This trend was made popular by assassin’s creed. After the game came out hoods started popping up everywhere and leather jackets are simply the newest addition to the craze. These leather biker jackets with hoods are the urban epitome of the biker combined with the local street rat.

The next popular trend of the season is the fitted look. Whether the jacket be a leather bomber or a leather biker jacket, this season it’s the fitted looks time to shine and take up the spotlight. These jackets have been designed to hug the body appropriately and to the tee in order to how off ore of the body shape underneath the jacket as opposed to the jacket itself. All leather jackets of the season have been better fitted to fit the human figure. No longer are biker jackets big, bulky and loose fitting. Now, they are tight, comfortable, and thinner but made of higher quality material.

The final trend to keep a look out for this season is the conservative trend. All jackets of the season got back to basics and didn’t really venture into new designs all that much. The best and most popular jackets of the season were all older designs of jackets simply fitted better. That was the overall theme of this year. There was no flash so to speak. That’s not to say that this seasons leather biker jackets were boring however. These jackets are jackets that will look good for years to come because the design of the jackets are so basically beautiful that people will be losing the style long after the year has come to an end. Conservative trends tend to be the trends that stick overall because when a style is too interesting, eventually you get bored with it. When something is more conservative from the get go, as time goes on you learn to appreciate how the jacket continues to blend in with fashion trends of the seasons.