Blade Jacket

Old design but still popular: The iconic jackets of last decade making a comeback

There were three movies of last decade that gave us some of the most iconic leather jackets in history, and this season those jackets are back with a vengeance. The first movie was blade with blades classic flowing leather jacket. The blade jacket is a jacket that people forever will associate with vampire hunter. Half vampire half human, blade taught u that a fight worth dying for is the only kind of fight that should concern us. The second movie is the matrix. For both men and women, matrix jackets will forever go down in history a collective group of badass jackets, and these jackets did a lot to change leather jackets and leather fashion overall during the nineties and 2000’s. The third jacket that helped to change leather jackets, particularly women’s leather jackets, was the kill bill jacket. Kill bill was one of the first movies to start a kickass woman superhero and become a smash hit at the box office. The mive has long since gown down in history as one of the most iconic in media in terms of women’s action movies as this movie set the benchmark for badass women that other movies, even to this day, try to reach.

Blade was one of the very first superhero movies to go mainstream. In a decade where only the intense survived, blade was the very first marvel movie series to be recognized as a great movie franchise. Before blade, superhero movies had a tendency to be cheesy and overall campy. Blade is the movie that changed all of that. Blade wasn’t your average superhero. He was bloodthirsty, willing to kill on sight, and a seasoned war veteran. In essence he was the exact opposite of other heroes and fit right in with the intensity of the nineties. Blade jacket were and are so popular because blade was a genuine badass. Besides just being the first superhero movie of its kinds, it was also for the most part the first vampire movie of its kind. Vampire on vampire violence. A plot that extended to three movies. A hero who struggled between humanity and the dark nature of monsters. Every man wanted to be like blade just like every woman wanted to be like Buffy. Blade jacket had a look to them that screamed badass vampire slayer from that day forward.

Matrix jackets are the next jacket of the era that are making a comeback. Matrix jackets completely changed leather fashion of the era. Things went from spikey with lots of chrome to shine-y with a lot of basics. These jackets, for both men and women between the trio of Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity. These jackets are definitely some of the most memorable from the era and are definitely making a comeback this Eason.

Kill Bill jackets are also making a huge comeback this season. Kill Bill was a movie that forever changed the ways that women would be cast in action movies for years to come. Before, all women were good for was a damsel in distress. Kill Bill completely changed that stereotype around. Now, women were free to be the beautiful badass killers they always craved to be. Kill Bill makes the list of the most popular trends making a comeback simply for how popular the style is with women. It’s an empowering look even today amongst the most powerful women who’ve ever walked the earth.