Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Armored Biker jackets- safety the top priority

The leather biker jacket is an ageless piece of clothing and protection for the motorcyclist. It has a certain edge and roughness to it. Thanks to the biker jacket, bikers have built a reputation or stereotype of being fast and dangerous. This could also be due to them riding a bike in gangs.

The armored biker jacket is mainly there to protect the biker in case he or she gets into an accident. Riding a bike is known to be more for men, thus the protective gear is very manly. Many might argue that women are ignored in the safety gear industry. A women’s brown leather jacket is rare to find in biker safety gear. Sportbikertrackgear.com only has one brown design for women. The jackets have a mannish look to them.

The biker jacket is made of leather and is bulkier and thicker than the contemporary leather jackets we see on the catwalk. The biker leather jacket just happens to be a fashionable item as its appealing to the eye but that wasn’t the intention of the manufacturer.

Owning a bike is an eccentric thing to do. Some find it exciting and others do it for experimental reasons. Whatever reason you ride your bike for be sure to ALWAYS ride safely by wearing the biker jacket and any other safety accessories available to you. It was originally made to protect you. The best thing about the motorcycle bike gear is that it does good more than bad to your personal reputation, unlike other safety gear.

Female riders can be protected and look good in the women’s brown leather jacket made for bikers. Leather4sure.com is a great online store for armored biker jackets. It has quite a few beautiful designs and it offers them in various colors. Leather4sure is one of the few online stores that doesn’t have limited leather jacket colors.

Robert Brockway a motorbike rider from cracked.com states that he thought the biker jacket’s main purpose was for style. “After doing some research, I realized that riding gear is a full suit of armor that is socially acceptable to wear in public,” he says. The jacket along with the other safety items, e.g. pants, is made of material that is incredibly strong and durable.

Fibres that make up the jacket are Kevlar and Cordura. “It is one of the toughest fabrics on the planet. This material when layered properly stops bullets and knives,” says Brockway. It has padded fiber attachments meant to endure high speed accidents. “And beyond that, there are pads, inserts and plate hidden all throughout the fabric to protect major joints and body parts,” he says. He literally compares wearing an armor biker jacket to the Ironman suit.

Pricing of the armored biker is rather cheap compared to those that aren’t for protection. Exclusive riding gear retailers or online stores have a starting price of less than $300. The women’s brown leather jacket also sells for the same price. The jackets are really inexpensive. Some online stores offer competing prices to retailers. Slashing the price by half.

The cut of the jacket, for both sexes, is very similar. They predominantly come in black. Other designs have a mixture of black and other colors, e.g. purple, white or red.

For all biker enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies who enjoy the thrill of the ride the biker jacket is mandatory when leaving the house. Not just to look cool but you can be sure that your gear is ready for anything the road might throw your way.