Vintage Leather Jacket

How to create a vintage look with leather jackets this season- Classic yet trendy

Does the timelessness of poems inspire you? The classic clothes and self-expressions of poets can be likened with the similar stance. Their unique and beguiling natures are like something you have never seen but you can actually feel.

The immortality of a classic poetry is prevalent to today’s vintage style dressing. A poem’s cryptic messagesomehow remains a mystery to some or evento the most poetically challenged lovelorn. Perhaps, it’s still unknown to this day what seems to make a vintage leather jacketa perpetual piece of wardrobe. But one thing’s for sure, the classic pieces will always have a lingering power to haunt your closet whether it’s summer, fall or winter.


Vintage jackets will have its novel take on the colours and textures of this season’s trend. The elaborate paisley print patterns on skirts and buttondowns can be paired with furs and distressed vintage leather. For those with unbridled sense of style, a brightly coloured knee-high boots can be daring with a vintage style trench coat with hemlines reaching down to the mid-thigh for a bit of skin exposé.


The bright hues of green mimic the landscape of mountains that you have once travelled far and beyond your imagination. It is also a popular colour of the highly acclaimed ‘60s fashion. The geometric prints on the latest wardrobe can bring an updated take with an emerald green leather jacket. The steady evolution of vintage biker coats and jackets would perfectly suit this shade.


Blending modern and retro is the latest take on vintage dressing. Feast your senses with the velvety suppleness of contemporary leather in a vintage designed bell coat leather jacket. The flared motif is inspired by the pragmatic era of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Wear it with today’s jungle inspired tops along with your laid back manner for that ‘peaceful’ attitude.

Loosen up

A toggle coat in beige leather is another form of jacket taken from another place and time. Stylish and modern women love the simple and clean pattern of this outerwear. Plaid tops and flared trousers look good with this style. Similar to the hooded vintage duffle coat, these jackets with toggles have a relaxed fit for coziness. The fleece linings in winter’s collection and the bright orange colours add more brio to the timeworn design.

Modern Goth

Relive the days of lavish dressing with faux fur layer coats. The magnificence of capes and precious gems are back in today’s winter collection. You can wear it with modern lace dresses and tops that come with the bewildering charm of gothic vintage. Whether poetic visions or the busy streets awe you, the capes are back with a modern twist. Golden brocade capes inspire the designers to recreate it with this season’s gold studded leather cape. The splendid motifs of flowers and plants on printed blouses and tunics complement these stunning leather over coats.

Look back

The reinvented vintage flight jacket is seeing another view from the sky. Its adorable take in welcoming the new season comes in deliciously patterned two-tone quilt design in bright new shades. A vintage leather jacket need not be restrained with the classic neutrals. You can go all the way with vintage dressing by carrying other accessories that are evocative of a famous poet’s life story that finds beauty in almost anything whether old or new.