Tan Leather Jacket

What to choose this winter to have a trendy look- the new leather clothing collection

There’s a whole new lineup of leather clothing this season that you can choose from. Is there an art to look trendy? Probably yes but there isn’t an exact formula to give what you need and actually want while at the same time makes you look your best. And for that, we’ve come up with a few suggestions on what to look for this winter so you can make a good choice for a stylish leather jacket.

Head outdoors

The solid shades of velvet trends this season can look good with your tan leather jacket. In spite of its vintage appeal, it happens to be a contemporary wardrobe staple. If the urban cowboy outfit inspires you, the calm and cool effects of a fur lined parka jacket can be a great choice when you’re outdoor. Whether you love to go fishing, hiking or camping, its utilitarian design goes well as you set up a cozy bonfire on a wintry night.

Take new inspirations

You can match your checkered button-down shirt along with the hottest blazers, trench coats, capes or sports style bomber jackets. The renewed obsession on checkered, tartans and plaids can go well with any of your leather clothing. If you’ve got the blues during the bleak weather, put on something with a cool blue sense with it like your perpetual denim jeans.

Dig old treasuresfrom your closet

Did you know that the great things about winter are the jackets that are already in your closet? You probably had chosen wisely in the past when it comes to this particularly cold climate. Infuse with it a new scarf or the latest blanket coat and see the makeover. Your old jacket need not be boring; you can express yourself in a whole new way by blending new textures and colours with your shirts, shoes and trousers and create your own sartorial edge.

Seize the day

When you’re trekking for the holidays along the gusty snowy mountains, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? And since you need to be warm in the midst of the breezy higher ground, you will need something that’s decked with so much layers of fabric to keep safe while you’reout in the cold. So how can you look good?Wear those dreamy coats with extravagant fur linings. The layers of fur on the hoods and lapels are meant for showing off. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can revel on the trendiest capes, coats and jackets with fur details this winter.

Take control

Are you a hip dresser? Get into the toughened up army green trend with an olive green leather jacket. More than just the colour, the cinched waist and belted lines this season add a more relaxed approach to the usually tough looks of army inspired outfits. The blend of ivory shade on the lapels of these headstrong pieces brings out a gorgeous contrast that can look good not just in the outdoors.

If you are seriously saving up for a classic style, you simply can’t go wrong with a tan leather jacket. Men can take on the Western or cowboy trend by choosing this earthy colour as it goes perfectly with plaid tops. Ladies can easily match it with the latest floral speckled skirts, dress, and caftan blouses that exude East Asian grandeur.