Studded Leather Jacket

Trendy, stylish and modern trends in leather jacket to choose for this season

Do you have style boundaries? Why not push it to the limits with a studded leather jacket. This season’s modern, stylish and trendy leather clothing has softer shades, vivid hues or a hint of gold. Orient inspirations are winters most sought after accessories whether for shoes, bags or a jacket. The intricate shapes of gold metal hardware remind us of Asian imagery. Along with it, the stylish snakeskin leathers and semi precious gems share significance to the Chinese lore. If these refinements touched your style sensibilities, step on to the craze as we take you Far East.

Empire of the Sun

The exquisite Japanese geisha inspired Kimono robes can be on your leather jacket with the sophisticated cross-stitches of Ikebana flower images or the four seasons called Haru (spring), Natsu (summer), Aki (Autumn) and Fuyu (winter) sceneries. A Japanese kimono resembles a bell-coat sleeved jacket with belt details. This will look elegant in dark blue colour with dainty yellow edging. Simply by wearing an Eastern style satin caftan blouse with red leather Japanese Obi inspired leather belt can get you quickly into this modern trend. Wrap around skirts and Hakama pants are also this season’s covetable pieces.

The Last Emperor

Did you know that serpent (Putonghua)figures have a significant role in the Chinese rich mythology? These mythical beasts are symbolic characters for self-discipline, wisdom and intelligence. The exotic python leathers with metallic gold embellishments exude that ancient Chinese art to a whole new level. Yellow gold accents symbolize the Yin and Yang as well as the legendary emperors in Imperial China. These ancient motifs are up-to-the –minute in today’s leather accessories such as clutch purses, pointy-toed shoes, knitted sweaters and jackets. In fact, red leather jackets in vermilion shades studded with gold hardware are quintessential to today’s winter collection.

In New York, Rio or Tokyo

The multi-dimensional geometric combinations on quilted bane coats with vibrant shades of oranges take another hint from the orient influence. This shade is an alternative to the red and gold. Its fruity colour is a constant reminder of the sweetness of mandarin oranges. The most stylish leather biker jacket at the moment comes in this popping colour palette. Blazer coats for men also look dapper in orange shade that you can pair up with a snakeskin belt together with a shirt with intricate embroidery patterns. A gray neoprene pullover shirt with snakeskin print can be another option to carry this style.

Japanese anime inspired leather jackets, as we know, are highly popular for all seasons. These are customizable costumes for those who are into cosplay events. The characters from the animated series are wearing iconic jackets that inspire their fans all over the world to have one of their own Naruto, Space Battle Ship Yamato, Robotech, or Yu Yu Hakusho leather jackets.

A studded leather jacket is quite common with anime inspired outfits. Black motorcycle jackets with spiked brass metal studs are reminiscent to the costumes of these Japanese characters with exaggerated features like purple hair and big eyes. Not only these superhero jackets became popular because of a certain Mushishi, Dragonball Z or Samurai Champloo. It’s probably owed to the fan’s worldwide obsession on fantasy comic book stories and dress-up events as a momentary getaway. Impressed by the prominence of East Asian culture? Get the latest leather jacket trends this season.