Quilted Leather Jacket

What to buy this season to have a modern yet practical look- The trendsetter's choice

There are three trends this season that will have you feeling like a trendsetter. The first is the quilted leather jacket. Between the warmth of quilts and the fresh new look that’s taking the fashion world by storm, this jacket is one of the season’s best. The second is the shearling jacket. Fur and leather have never been as conservative as with this year’s styles of shearling jackets. The final trend is the hooded trend. Between the immense popularity of hooded jackets in recent years and the fact that leather jackets needed a bit of a reboot, these jackets are popping up everywhere and the general public seems to adore them. Between these three looks, you’ll have crowds turning heads to see where on earth you came from and, more importantly, where you got that jacket. People around you will all adore and love these jackets and seek to buy one of them out for themselves.

The quilted leather jacket takes the old fashioned quilted look and combines it with leather jackets creating a brand new look to the fashion that has yet to be attempted in past years. Not only are these jackets amazing to look at because of the intricate patters that make them up, they also happen to be one of the warmest leather jackets in today’s market. That is because the quilted fashion just has something about it that superior in retaining heat then plain fabrics that haven’t been interwoven. Between the handmade look of the stitching and the bold new feel to a classic style, these jackets are perfect for this seasons trend setters.Quilted leather jackets are both one of the warmest and trendiest jackets of the season.

The second style to keep an eye on this season is the shearling style. These jackets are made of only the finest of fine lambskin and fashioned to look like the fur trim has been sheared. These jackets come in numerous different colors and styles that truly make this one of the best looking leather jackets in the world. Other than that, shearling leather jackets are also extremely warm because their lined with fur and wrapped in leather. Between the two it’s pretty much the same as wearing a pelt over yourself. These jackets, while expensive, have to be the trendiest of the season. These jackets are great to be worn anywhere, whether it be out on the town in the office out in the countryside, out to see, in the air, or wherever else your imagination can take you.

The final style to keep in mind is the hooded trend that has been insanely popular lately. Whatever style of leather jacket you want, chances are you can find it with a hood on it, this is simply because the craze is so popular in jackets right now that the best of the best can’t help but come with a hood standard. This look is popular for a number of reasons. The first is the modern nature of these jackets. Hoods are definitely a craze from the new millennia. The second is assassin’s cred. That game was so insanely popular that now, all jackets pretty much have to have a hood just to keep up with the times. When fashion needed a trend, the age answered with the obvious. Adding a hood to any jacket pretty much guarantees it’ll be popular this season.