Mens Studded Leather Jacket

How to choose studded jacket to look stylish and trendy- the new trends

The fascination never ends on mens studded leather jacket. New takes on designs and fashion often recurs. Taking back old and modernising the styles into something new. Get a taste of the latest trends in stylishly studded leather jacket as we help you choose from recreated and repurposed hardware studs in this season’s collection.

No ordinary transformations

A plain motorcycle jacket can come up with interesting series of transformations when accentuated with metal hardware. In case you haven’t noticed, the metallic zips, snaps and studs bring out a whole new character to a leather outfit. It’s probably nothing new to most of you out there who are fans of this edgy, rocker style and street-smart get-up.


Season after season, the designers never runs out of things to recreate, so it goes, there’s a new trend for this particular winter. Everyone’s going crazy over the gold studded jacket in bright shades of orange pumpkin and red tomato. These bright shades bring out the shimmering colour of gold under a great morning sky. The glamour of gold is indeed everywhere this holiday.

A different glow

The aura of this season’s leatherwear and accessories is unmistakably elegant. A form-fitting black leather jacket with large lapels and refined golden hardware is undeniably over-the-top. The luminous golden Snap-On closures and zippers add to the swanky new look of mens studded leather jacket that frequently comes in silver and brassware.

The cocoon

True to its name, studs or spikes have its unique origin. DuringRenaissance, its purpose serves as protection for armours. Consequently, its been used on motorcycle gears for the same value. The more studs, the more expensive it looks. These days, the brilliant trimming engages you to a distinctive piece of wardrobe that is synonymous in bringing out the best in couture, biker or punk fashion.

Different strokes for different folks

A spike comes in several varieties of shapes and sizes that look like claws, cone or a hexagon. In fact, studs can come in any shape you can ever imagine like domes and pyramids. Aside from leather jackets, the gold studs this season adorn the intricate leather shoes, clutches and belts in snakeskin and cowhide leather. The man of today has his own declaration of style whether he has the passion for hip-hop, punk, rocker or alternative couture.

For the modern-day Don Juan DeMarco

The edgy feel of a studded jacket and cape can be balanced with other wardrobe pieces like cotton top, knit sweater or the latest velvet trend. Layering is another trick for a strikingly street-smart look that blends with your contemporary lifestyle. Do you want to impress further? Your gold studded leather outfit can look impeccable inside and out with fur trimmings.

Choosing for a stylish jacket inthis season’s collection of mens studded leather jacket is effortlessly divided into three or four colours. There is the festive gold for the studs, the bright red, oranges and the eternally classic black for the leather. Long coats with belt look more sophisticated in black, while cropped jackets are more adorable in bright orange. A slim cut jacket in red is set to transform the ethereal snowy landscapes into flaming red tones for that warm contrast to a cold grey climate. So, what are you waiting for? The new trends are already here and are only waiting just for you.