Mens Brown Leather Jacket

Leather jacket- The evergreen in fashion world

The leather jacket has recently been on the radar. It is one of the oldest garments that still remain relevant to pop culture. It is an ageless and classic piece of clothing. Depending on the design of the jacket, elegance can be added to the list of what makes the jacket so appealing and why it remains a must-have item for anyone and everyone globally. For men the mens brown leather jacket is a must-have, the brown jacket gives men a sense of masculinity when worn. For women it’s a skirt, dress or shirt as these items adds femininity to any woman’s wardrobe and confidence.

The leather jacket was first used in World War One by pilots and military soldiers. They were heavier and bulkier as they shielded the men’s soft body parts from damage or injury. The jackets came as mens brown leather jackets. The jacket gradually became common amongst bikers as they realized that the leather jacket could offer the same protection it offers pilots and soldiers. The design was modified to suit the biker. It had inner pads sewn around the neck, upper abdomen, lower back and breast area. This was done to cushion damage or injury around the surrounding organs during accidents.

It has a reputation of being rough and fast. The leather jacket was for thugs, rebels, people who didn’t conform to the rules of society.

From pilots to bikers then punks/Goths, the leather jacket moved on to other territory. The big screen! After Hollywood showcased a few movies with actors wearing the rare and unusual piece, fashion houses and people worldwide fell in love with it. Ever since then the fashion industry hasn’t looked back.

The jacket made for fashionable purposes obviously got rid of the heavy armour that lined the inside of the jacket. This gave the jacket a huge weight drop. It could now be strapped over the shoulder or tied loosely around the neck.

Today’s leather brands and designs are nothing like the ones that first caught our eyes. Currently we have different kinds of leather cuts. People are experimenting with different colors, textures, designs, fits, etc. Designers and producers continue to explore other avenues of modifying the leather jacket, and this causes the general public to fall deeper in love with the garment.

As expensive as it to buy, maintaining its shape, texture and color can be as expensive. It is high maintenance to take care of leather. That is for those who want the jacket to retain its originally bought state.

A genuine leather jacket will need constant care by using special leather care sprays and oils available at supermarkets. This should be done depending on how often you wear the leather jacket. Taking it to the dry cleaning at least once a year should be considered as excess oil and dirt can be removed without harming the texture or design of the jacket. Dry cleaning helps to restore the jacket to its former glory.

Leather is a cool item to have all year round. It is durable, flexible, and versatile. It can be worn with formal, informal or casual attire. It is great for the warm and cold seasons as it has the capability of keeping you warm during cold winter days and cool during excruciatingly hot weather.