Ladies Leather Jackets

Whats hot in the new collection of leather jackets for ladies this Winter- The top 5 new trends

There are five ladies leather jacket this season that are turning heads. Some ladies leather jackets are new to the season while some have simply come into style. Whatever the case, the jackets ion this list are the most popular of the year and have women all over the world this season giving into the leather craze once again. Leather is one of this year’s hot fashions, but it’s important to know what kind of ladies leather jacketis right for you and in style this season.

The American biker jacket. While these jackets are some of the very best jackets for men, on women it’s a different story. Not to say that these jackets look bad on women. On the contrary, they made the top five list this year. The reason their so low on the list is simply because there is such a selection of women’s leather coats this season that even a classic look such as this ha to t5ake a back seat to the more popular trends of the season.

The euro style biker jacket. These jackets beat out the American style jackets this season for woman for the simple fact that women look better in a euro style biker jacket then the America style. The American style was completely designed for a man in mind while the euro style jacket, on the contrary, was designed to appease both genders. That’s why euro style biker jackets tend to look better on women then the American style of biker jacket and why, overall, it beat out that style this season for the number four spot.

Quilted leather jackets. This style of leather jacket just made waves this season and for good reasons. Combining the old fashion style of quilts and the genuine good feel of leather really paid off this season with a fresh new look in leather jackets that people will be wearing for seasons to come. This styles not just good looking, but functional. Quilting a fabric has an effect on it that makes it a lot better at retaining heat than normal fabrics.

The shearling leather jacket. This jacket has to be one of the hottest jackets for the season for three reason. The first is how damn good the jackets look. Between the prime lambskin and the fur cut to look sheared, it’s no wonder why people love this style of leather fur jackets so much. Another reason is how warm these jackets are. What else would you expect from a jacket made out of both leather and fur, and most likely lined with fur? The third is the quality of the jacket. These are easily thousand dollar jackets each. With quality like that it’s no wonder why people like this look so much.

The hooded jacket. Jackets with hoodsare highly popular this year mostly due to assassin’s creed. After that game came out all jackets suddenly had to be hooded. Now, jacket with hood is more popular then every before. You can find a woman’s hooded leather jacket in any of the styles that have been mentioned in this article if you try hard enough. These jackets will be in style for years to come with how popular the trend has gotten in recent years.