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Leather jacket types and trends which are popular this season- The top 5 jacket styles

Leather jacket types and trends which are popular this season- The top 5 jacket styles This season there are five main leather jackets that are must have. Some of them are overall styles, such as a biker jacket, and some are more over popular trends, like a fake hoody underneath. The jackets on this list, however, are by far the best of the best this season.

1. The European motorcycle jacket. This jacket is the very embodiment of a bikers need for speed. Bikers who wear this style send a clear message that, to them, it’s all about speed, flash and style. Between the many different combinations of colors and the unorthodox style of these jackets, they just scream for attention whenever you see someone zipping down the road at breakneck paces in one of these jackets. This jacket is nearly tied with the American biker this year in terms of popularity and just barely didn’t win out over it in the number four spot.

2. The American biker jacket. This jacket is a symbol of American rebellion. With American biker gangs being popular in the media this season due to braking bad ending, this jacket has that little extra push in terms of popularity of the season. These jackets are some of the best and ost classic jackets on the leather jacket market and for good reason. The jacket has become an iconic symbol of badass. Between the people who wear them and the image they give themselves, this jacket is by far one of the most popular in American history.

3. The bomber. Whether it be in classic black leather, brown suede, or any combination of color you can think of, bombers are asking a comeback this season. With a classic look that started all American biker jacket tends, these jackets are some of the most popular jackets in modern history. Between the feelings of the world war two aviator and the people who continue the style into the modern day, this jacket is by far one of the best leather jackets of all time. They both inspired later British and American style biker jackets, which has since become two of the most popular jackets in the world

4. The shearling jacket. This jacket is extremely popular this year because of two factors. Number one is that shearling is in style this season and all of the best leather jackets of the season are mad3e in they shearling style. The second reason is how high of quality these jackets are. For a thousand dollar jacket, you can’t go wrong quality wise. These jackets are some of the most ideal jackets this season for keeping warm. Between functionality and style, it’s no wonder why this style is so insanely popular this year.

5. Most popular style of leather jacket this year is the hooded leather jacket. Regardless of style, bomber, shearling, euro, American, or whatever, hooded leather jacket men are in this season. Most hoods aren’t necessarily going to be made out of leather, but the ones that are some of the best of the season. American biker jackets and shearling jackets in particular love this little trend. Hooded leather jacket men are by far the most popular jacket of the era period. With this new age era of hoods, any and all jackets from years past can be revamped in a totally new style that accepts this ever growing popular craze.