Girls Leather Jacket

What girls prefer in a leather jacket: The new trends in youths this season

One of the great things about the modern society we live in today is in the world of fashion. Girls fashion anymore is pretty much the same as women’s fashion. The designers hit on all the same notes, make the same designs yet smaller fit then to fit a smaller body, but essentially girls fashion anymore is the same as women’s fashion. However, that being said, the girls fashion is going through a few particular crazes at the moment that are simply to die for. The first obvious trend this year is color. Back is out and browns and greys and whites are in. The second is the type of leather jackets that are in style such as the conservative leather jacket and the quilted leather jacket. The third trend is where the jacket hits the wearer on the waist. Most jackets this season ride the hips of the girls wearing them, but some are waist huggers as in past years. Overall I might even dare to say that youth fashion anymore is more fashionable then adult fashion.

Colors this year in girl’s leather jackets are more on the vibrant side of things as compared to past years where black reigned supreme. Brown in particular is a color that’s especially in season this season. Grey and white are also in season to a lesser extent as well. Lacks are still somewhat in style, but in all honesty there aren’t many of them to go around this season. This year’s style is all about jackets that you can go out in the day time and wear around town. Above all what seems to be important this season is functionality over style and sedge. That’s why colors are so conservative this season. These are the kind of leather jackets that you can wear wherever and whenever you want.

In terms of the styles of girls leather jacket that are popular this season, we are left with three choices. The first is the average conservative leather jacket. These jackets are everywhere this season for the simple fact that you can wear them anywhere and still be stylish. The second is the quilted leather jacket. These jackets take the age old homemade look and combine it with the classic leather jacket for a fresh new take on both worlds. Quilted leather jackets have to be one of the warmest leather jacket around. The final trend is the rocker or biker jacket. These jackets are in style as much as they always are. You can never go wrong with the classic looks.

The final trend to keep in mind this season is the waist trend. In past years, the popular waist w the mid waist rise that only covered half of the upper body. The new trend in girls leather jacket is full body jackets. There are still a few waist riders as well though. There just happens to be a lot less of this style than in previous years. Still, black leather jackets of the season seem to prefer the waist huggers over the body huggers. The reason that body huggers are more in style this season is because the season favors functionality over style and presentation. Where as in past years, girls jackets were al bout flair, this season their all about conservatism and looking stylish for years to come.