Cropped Leather Jacket

The trends of leather jackets for this Fall-Winter collection- The top 5 jacket trends

Of all the leather jacket options that exist, some are definitely more in fashion than others. Rather than concentrate on the top ten or twenty options, we have narrowed it down to just the top 5 trendiest leather jackets for this fall and winter collection. The following are currently in high demand: cropped leather jackets, quilted leather jackets, faux fur leather jackets, leather blazers, and white leather jackets. Each of these leather jacket trends have their own positives and negatives, which will be discussed in full.

Nasty gal crop jacket

These jackets are currently trending because they are definitely different and unique in comparison to the modern and classic leather jackets. A cropped jacket is much shorter in length and usually hits at the midriff as opposed to the waist or below - this is considered in style because it draws attention to a different area than leather jackets typically draw towards. Additionally, leather jackets that are cropped can be in different styles and different colors, making them a simple accent piece that doesn’t overwhelm an outfit.

Quilted Leather Jackets

For those attached to the classics, a quilted leather jacket, whether it is cropped or full length, is the perfect way to take just a small step outside of the box. A quilted leather jacket employs a design that makes it appear like a comfortable blanket as opposed to a stiff leather jacket. This quilted design is not only unique, but also simple, making the quilted leather jacket perfect for any occasion.

Faux Fur Leather Jackets

Attaching a small bit of fur to a leather jacket can make a huge difference in a outfit, even if it is faux fur as opposed to real fur. Additionally, having a faux fur cropped leather jacket is definitely unique because it allows you to wear a statement piece without completely taking over your entire outfit.

Leather Blazers. As opposed to croppy leather jackets, leather blazers are slightly longer but typically do not have any buttons or zippers to attach one edge to the other. With their shorter length, the cropped leather blazers help break apart an outfit into sections, allowing the viewer’s eye to follow a logical sequence throughout the outfit.

White Cropped Leather Jackets. In recent months and years, white is certainly becoming the new classic black, despite the fact that it can be much more difficult to clean a white leather jacket than a black one. As with other leather jackets, white leather jackets bring attention more to one’s face and where it lands on their midriff than anything else. Additionally, the leather jackets make a subtle fashion statement because they still have a classic design with a classic color, but are just ever so slightly out of the ordinary.

Of the top five leather jacket trends for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, cropped leather jackets are definitely taking a strong lead. While classic leather jackets have a nice strong look, there is still room for new and improved designs, such as the white leather jackets make one get inspire others, or those with faux fur. Keep in mind that leather jackets tend to stay in style for several years, making these cropped leather jacket options well worth the expense.