Black Leather Jacket

How leather composition makes a difference in a leather garment?

Leather garments are without doubt one of the most popular pieces of clothing used by men and women around the world. One of the reasons behind the popularity of leather garments is the fact that they are said to be companions for life (of people). However, for them to be companions for life, they need to be made from the best quality leather possible. If they are not made from good quality leather, they will not last long and will be a disappointment for the people who buy them. This is why, people need to be careful while purchasing any garment made from leather and they should try to make sure that the garment is made from the best quality leather possible.

Leather garments, such as black leather jackets are indeed very popular. A black leather jacket can be the ideal instrument of style. You can wear a black leather jacket to any important occasion and look great in it. However, before you decide to purchase such a garment made of leather, you need to understand the different types of leather and how they can affect the quality of the garment. Here is a brief introduction to the different types of leather:

1. Cooked Leather: It is hardened by introducing water system, wax or boiling fat. By this process the fibers of collagen are shortened, and the piece of leather shrinks and becomes rigid and combines tougher. If only water is used in the process, the result is crisp, but when wax or fat is employed, it permeates the piece and the leather is much stronger. Cooked leather is undoubtedly very strong and sturdy, and is ideal for biker and bomber jackets, and other sturdy leather garment. However, it is not very good for making smooth and stylish garments.

2. Oiled Leather: It is oiled to enhance its water resistance. This replenishes the oils that remain in natural leather after the tanning process, which are lost with continued use. All leather fat can be treated and tanned with natural products, which are more porous and better absorb fat. The frequent greasing keeps the leather very flexible and prevents embrittlement which significantly prolongs its conservation. It is ideal for shiny, smooth and stylish pants and jackets made from leather.

3. Dyeing Leather: It is leather treated with colorants for decorative tones. All types of leather can be dyed during the tanning process. To dye the leather craft dyes are used such as aniline dissolved in alcohol, applied with a cotton or fabric paints or acrylic usually applied with a brush. The former provide translucent colors, similar to those obtained when painting on paper with watercolor. The acrylics, however, provide a uniform color. When purchasing colored leather garments (brown jacket, blue skirt etc.) make sure that the leather has been colored by dying with acrylic so that the garment will have a uniform and long lasting color.

4. Patent Leather: It is leather covered with one or more layers of varnish to polyurethane which gives a characteristic luster. This treatment makes the leather waterproof and also makes it more resistant. Such leather is ideal for making good quality jackets meant to be water resistant.

Often, leather garments today are made from synthetic material similar to leather. But these garments do not last long and do not look great as well.