Long Leather Coat

How to look stylish and elegant with leather coat: The expert's tips

Each season people look forward to the new styles and trends in fashion. These changes are created by introducing a variety of styles in the same fabric. As we know, the favorite fabric of winter is leather. Not just in one country or city, but across the globe leather is the most in demand fabric. The changes in leather are common; however some styles in leather have been lasting from decades, or may be centuries. One such treatment of leather is that of long leather coats.Although most people manage to purchase a beautiful long leather coat, they are unable to fit into it with style and elegance. So for all such people who are learning to look trendy and stylish with a leather coat, following are some expert tips on how you should actually carry a long leather coat.

 • Remember the length

The first thing you should keep in mind is the length. As we are discussing a long leather coat, it is important to check that anything you wear underneath must compliment with the length of this jacket. Remember that the impact of the leather should remain. For men comparatively this idea of dressing is simpler than that of women. Men can wear it with plain Tee and a skin tight jean, if they are planning to fully zip up the coat. On the other hand, women who look most stunning with long leather coats are spotted wearing it with a skin fitted dress that goes down to the knees. Or with bell bottoms that have a wider flap.

 • Fitting

There is literally no point of purchasing a coat if it does not have a nice skin tight fitting. From skin tight fitting I mean “perfect fitting”. If you think you can purchase the coat and get its fitting done later, you are making a huge mistake. The tailors who stitch leather coats are professionals and trained for it, there is no way a simple tailor can manage the measurements of the coat as perfectly.

 • Color

Although most people rarely care about this factor, but color of your coat really has a lot to do with the style in which you carry it. Not all colors are going to look nice on you, hard it may sound but it is true. Pick the color you are sure about. Pick the color that will go with most of your dresses. Do not restrict your leather coat for one or two dresses.

 • Belt

Talking about this season, there is nothing more in in long leather coat than a beautiful leather or rusty looking belt. These belts keep your leather coat in shape. This goes out mostly for women, as an open leather coat will make them look out of shape and too clumsy.

 • Shoes

This tip is for women. Never wear a long leather coat with flats if you want to look trendy and stylish. It is mostly a disaster when women wear a perfect long leather coat and wear a flat shoe underneath. Your shoes must be either boots or heels.

Long leather coats are one of the most iconic piece of clothing designed for winter. Allow yourself to look completely stunning by following some of the above mentioned tips.