Leather Coats

The new design concepts in trench coats: The most popular trends of this season

There are five styles of leather coat that are turning heads this season. These coats are the best of the best when it comes to leather. These jackets are, overall, the most popular, trendy, and overall easy to look at leather coats of the season. Though this is a top five list, none of the styles on this list are necessarily more popular than the others this season.

Number five. Euro style motorcycle jackets. These coats are popular because of the simple fact that they look damn good. They were designed to complement the fast paced super bikes of Europe and pretty much university signifies a person’s need for speed. These jackets are flashy, tight fitting and overall one of the thickest jackets on the market. These leather jackets will be sure to protect you from the elements no matter where you are. They are designed to even allow a person to survive a road skid.

Number five. The American style baker jacket. These jackets are the jackets you typically think of when you think of motorcycles in America. This look first caught on after world war one wherein the bomber was introduced. The look was refined overall and the end result is a leather coat that is universally loved worldwide. These jackets are insanely popular this season but didn’t quite make the number one spot. Though the American leather biker jacket will always be in our hearts, it just didn’t have the desin innovations that higher spots had necessary to clinch a higher spot.

Number four. The bomber. These jackets are the very embodiment of getting back to basics. Bombers are literally the first leather jacket to be created and distributed as mainstream fashion. They were first created for world war one and aga8n for world war two for, who else, pilots and bombers. Thus the name. This style is number three simply because of hoe classic the look is today. Between the fact that these jackets are extremely trendy this season and the act that they started all other leather coat trends to begin with, these jackets made it into this year’s top five list.

Number two. Shearling coats. These coats are simply lambskin leather jackets lined and trimmed with leather as to create a new and exciting look that sells for a ton of money. And why shouldn’t it? Between the genuine fur of the trim and the lamb skin leather, these leather jackets are some of the highest leather coats in existence. Though this style is particularly pricy this season, they are definitely worth the price you pay for them in the long run.

The final style of the season to keep in mind is the leather trench coat. Yes, of all leather coats of this season, leather trench coats are definitely the first one you should check out. These jackets made huge strides this year in terms of style and flair then in previous years. Before, whenever you would think of a trench coat, you would instantly get bored from such a simple design. This year’s selection of leather trench coats are completely different. This year’s selection curves with the body, tapers off at the end, has fur in the design, and is overall a much more fashionable look then in previous years.