Western Chaps

Western chaps- the top 5 new chap designs and trends

Do you know what’s happening in fashion nowadays? The looks of the fashion runways are a perfect playground for rodeo shows. This newfound utilitarian dressing is in fact, heavily ingrained in the Western society. Just like the line of ‘Armitas’ is known for, the rugged and refined designs of western chaps today as worn by the Mexican cowboys back in early 19th century still represents the great adventure behind it.

These so-called ‘Chaperajos’ still protect the legs when riding that can only be made from thick cowhide and buffalo leathers. Later on, Texan cowboys of the Wild West called these as ‘shotguns’ that transcended time along with its intricate bright coloured stitchings with fringe details for the ‘chinks’ and water-resistant elements for the ‘woollies’. Did you know that ‘woollies’ could be made out of seal, hound, bear and mountain lions?

While some appears suppler with goat, deer and calfskin, these are all binders for the forelegs. And for that, motorcycle enthusiasts have embraced the idea of donning this protective outfit all in the name of safety and fashion.

Now, we give you the top 5 new designs and trends fashioned after the sublime function and shape of western chaps.

Patched into perfection

Patched details in mixed shades of camel, burgundy and black are one of the things we’ve noticed. Inspired by the batwing and shotgun chaps, it gives the look of the legendary western chap put together by quilting different patterns and texture of leathers. Wear it with checkered button down shirts to make it as one of a kind statement piece.

Quintessentially cowboy

The Western and American fashion does not go out of the limelight. Two tone dark brown and taupe ‘show chaps’ with strong leather and thick trimmings is a real visual treat for any one who’s into riding beasts and keeping in style. Suede and thick cowhide leather make good materials for rodeo shows.This one goes with white cotton long sleeve polo and faded jeans.

Strong aesthetics

Paisley stitching on ombre or solid black chaps give out a finely detailed impression on the usually strong-featured pieces. The spurs of the moment are likely to give new ideas to meet with the new standards of the contemporary design. Enduring one of the most daunting activities never looked this tasteful. Wearing the denim-on-denim with it brings out the mood for cattle calling.

Monochromatic charm

A plain black leather chap look very basic but can be best worn anywhere as it doesn’t need much attention to details. When worn with denim jeans underneath it could be perfect for any places. Who would imagine this protective gear was rooted from the heritage of Western clothing?


Shotgun style chaps are seen in many different shades with brass hardware for that sturdy impression that even bikers like to have.However, inspite of many changes, it doesn’t keep away from its original Wild West allure.

The casual and functional look of the ‘vaqueros’ clearly defines the Western appeal. Although originally drawn from Anglo and Hispanic philosophies, the cowboy culture has indeed swooned the entire world. How can we ever forget the dramatic movie entitled ‘8 Seconds’ about a bull rider from Oklahoma?

The folksy attire that sets the mood for knee-high boots, plaid blanket wraps and western chaps undeniably inspires the street-smart dressing to this day.