Cowboy Chaps

Practicality of cowboy chaps and the new design trends for this Fall-winter collection

The rough and tough style of cowboy chaps are now structured in different colours, textures that spells ultimate comfort and practicality. This fall-winter collection showcases patent, suede and buffalo hide fused together in one cowboy inspired suit that turns out as a canvass of creativity. The colourful inspired festivities in the Wild West rodeo culture are made into unique functional and practical pieces for today’s ever-popular Western wears.

Contemporary styled

Beyond the wilderness of the cloudy skied spaces, it isn’t much of a surprise why gray coloured leathers are dominating the catwalk. Whether for full trousers, cowboy chaps or vests, the new trends exude the unexpected.

Your rodeo fantasies shall come into life with the vibrant shades of bright blue, red and orange colours of fringed ‘Angoras’ set for the cold months ahead. These chaps are made of insulated lining that can act as water repellent at the same time.

Traditionally drawn

When riding is on the edge of your desire, a cowboy chap is your ‘go-to’ gear for that fleeting moment of passion. The versatility of this piece of clothing regenerates a certain kind of strength you have never before seen. Made with the strongestvariety of leather, the latest renditions still puts your safety above all else. And with these in mind, the new designs come in mystifying appliques of paisleys and ethnic patterns for that stunning presence.

The obscure

The tribal instinct of cattle and wild buffalos remind us of the desolate dessert which are home for these majestic beasts. The colours of moss green that are prominent to these places inspire the new shade of cowboy chaps this season. It goes perfectly well with the hypnotic animal printed scarves if you’re in it for the sake of fashion. For functional reasons, this colour is still one of the smartest choices to make as it blends perfectly with your tanned leather vest.

New designs emerge from the usual chaps for show, rodeo, cutting, shotgun and batwing types. By blending the classic with the latest trend, these modern-day riding gears gain a new depth when it comes to safety, function and style. The rich colour of deep brown shade remains a key trend for this kind of season.

Out of the ordinary

Studded, zippered and buckled chaps in gold hardware exude elegance on the new collection. It not only contrasts with any shades of leather but it adds character to the casual appeal of the typical Western look.

Uniquely personal

Textured designs like blends of leather and other sort of fabrics like velvet make these come out as extraordinary particularly when engrained with gemstones. This style suits well those who are into statement clothing trend. You can even have your own personal touch with the highly in demand customized cowboy chaps. With this fresh new alternative, your drive for style can be limitless.

Realistic function

Are you still intrigued how come many people are hooked on the great outdoors? It could be a challenge to discover a vastly unexplored territory if ever there is always a chance. Along with it is the idea of wearing the look of the ‘adventure-ready’, as it does actually protect against cactus spines and thorns. Combining the elements of contemporary, urban and utilitarian designs turns out an economical choice for purpose driven individuals off the road or at their own estates.