Bomber Jacket Women

New trends, new designs and texture in ladies bomber jackets this season

Bomber jackets were identified only with men in the past, but everything is different now. This means that women are also able to take advantage of this clothing and its great features. It goes well with any outfit, including different shirts, pants, tops and even stylish dresses. Remember that leather jackets for ladies are becoming more and more versatile and attractive. For example, you can combine a trendy bomber jacket women with a pair of classic jeans and look fabulous. Find out more about the latest designs, trends and textures to find a perfect fit.

Classic styles often come in black and brown colors. As a rule, they have a medium length and end around their waist or a bit lower. It is possible to match them with any kind of power wear, such as denims and skirts.

Different laser cut designs and floral prints. When looking for a more feminine look, you should consider them. Such bomber jackets come in a wide range of cuts and layouts, and their collars and cuffs are different from others. The best thing is that you can find them in varying lengths.

Styles that combine textured fabrics with leather. Bomber jackets can be sewn with such fabrics to get quite interesting results. For example, their sleeves can be made of fabrics, and the rest of their parts are made of leather. Some designs use other materials sparingly to keep their layouts as original as possible.

Leather jackets with additional straps and zippers. They have specific functions, such as providing additional storage. Do not forget that they add more style to a bomber jacket women. Don’t be surprised to see different patterns and straps on this clothing, and this is what makes it ideal for any casual occasion.

Cropped jackets are available in different designs, and they are a bit shorter than the classic ones. These clothes have more diverse styles and feature, so that you can be sure to find a suitable outfit for any event. Keep in mind that this clothing doesn’t cover your full upper body length, and this means that you have numerous opportunities to experiment with different shirts and other tops. You can find them in multiple shades and patterns and combine them with matching pants and skirts.

Genuine military styles. They include famous A-2 and B-13 variations and are produced from the highest quality and durable leather. Some of these vintage leather jackets may have valuable memorabilia on them, and this feature makes them really valuable for wearers.

Nostalgia designs. There are many manufacturers who specialize in these styles, and they offer a rugged and strong look, patches and other embellishments.

Feminine styles. The standard variation of bomber jackets is short and doesn’t end at the bottom of hips. Its waist is narrow and has special elastic tabs for a perfect fit. Such leather jackets are plain and they do not include any military aspirations. Their pockets are refined and less spacious.

Jackets with multiple pockets and zippers. They make this clothing look original and funny. When looking for a more creative style, think about such patterns.

Edgier patterns. This means that leather jackets come with special shoulder flaps and stylized sleeves.

Hooded styles. They are in high demand because hoods provide this clothing with a softer and gentler look.

Blue and claret bomber jackets. Don’t think that this outfit should come only in brown and black colors. There are different vibrant shades to choose from, and they will make you look trendy and fresh.