Bomber Jacket Men

How the men's bomber jacket evolved this season- the changing trends

Leather bomber jackets renew their classic styles of late 40s and 50s. Their trendy apparel will take you back to the times when craftsmanship and quality played an important role. Be sure that this kind of clothing is designed to fit you perfectly, and its durability ensures a long-time service. At present, there are many brands that focus on the creation of bomber and military jacket styles, and they are rich in authenticity. Different trends keep changing, but a high quality and stylish bomber jacket men will never go out of fashion.

When shopping for this outfit, you should keep in mind the latest designs and patterns, and they include the following:

G1 bomber jackets with special patches. It is all about navy styles designed from exclusive goatskin. They come with authentic and mouton shearling collars, thus offering an ultimate collection for any fashion fan. This popular style includes the M-422A labels that are considered as flying combat wear. Pay attention to its traditional rack, nylon and wool knit waistband, excellent cuffs, side and top pockets where you can store your valuable, zipper front, grommets under arms because they ensure proper ventilation. The best feature is the genuine and embroidered vintage patches of this bomber jacket men. This is what makes it a real work of art.

A2 bomber tigers leather jackets. Remember that they are recreated authentically and are produced from the best quality horsehide leather, so that you can be sure in their quality and durability. Focus on specific Flying Tiger Force insignias placed on such clothes because they differentiate them from others. The same can be said for India, China and other patches. Some innovative models come with an ID card attached to their lining.

G1 top gun jackets. They were the main and natural leather flight jackets for pilots in the 20s. Even some Marine aviators wore them according to existing instructions. The good news is that this style is back again this fall-winter season. The famous movie “Top Gun” promoted this both modern and classic style.

Original B3 bomber leather jackets. They include a variety of interesting features that make them stand out from the rest. For example, such clothes have leather welted seaming, durable front zippers, protective wind flap for added warmth, side pockets where you can warm your hands, custom-built metal buckles, and so on.

Vietnam G1 flight jackets. This style is one of the most popular designs at the moment, so that it is offered by many well-known brands. It was originally designed by the actual Navy fighter pilot. If you notice hand painted and unique leather letters, hand blocked drawing on the back of leather jackets, this means that you come across this famous trend.

In conclusion, leather bomber jackets for men are as old as the aviation industry, but they are not outdated at all. You won’t be able to find other styles that evoke the history as much as they do. This outfit will help you make the latest fashion statement and always look great. That’s why you should not hesitate to buy and wear one of such jackets. They are available in a wide range of colors, including classic brown and black, design patterns, such as the ones mentioned above, and accessories, like different zippers, buttons and collars. Take time to choose the most flattering one to enjoy its perfect fit, great comfort and add a sense of style.